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Men's Hair Trends and Styles for 2022

04 Aug 2022
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We're well into 2022; in fact, we are on the home stretch to 2023 … but is your hair still living in the past? If you answered yes, it's time to shake things up! 

Like everything else over the past couple of years, men's hair has been redefined by the pandemic. After a few lockdowns and plenty of time between cuts, most gents have a little more hair to work with.

So, we have been seeing more length, which means more natural movement and texture … and we aren't sad about it! 




That doesn't mean everyone is suddenly going to be rocking the luscious locks of Jason Momoa 😍, but all the usual cuts will be a touch longer than we have seen.

Image Source: imdb.com

Even the trusty short back and sides has evolved from what it used to be – not quite as short and a little choppier on top. Oh, and you can forget about the skin fade … overdone Barber styles are OUT! 

So, what styles are in? Here are just some of our faves …

It's all about texture.

The name of the game is texture, which also goes for shorter cuts, but remember … balance is critical when it comes to the top and sides. Some scruff is excellent as long as you keep it manicured and sexy. 

It's a less fussy approach, where the hair's natural movement and texture are emphasised rather than tamed. 

Image Source: bosshunting.com.au

Undercuts still steal the show

They look sleek, even when they're messy. The top is usually worn long and can be anything from messy curls to sleek and slicked back. This style can go everywhere, from the office to the beach and brings a good dose of attitude no matter where you are.

Image Source: lovehairstyles.com

Boy band hair

Fashion is cyclical, and so are hairstyles. So it's no surprise that the '90s influence on fashion at the moment is also shaping our hair. And that can only mean one thing – the return of boy band hair. Yep, it's time to spike your hair like you're a member of N'SYNC. 

Image Source: The Modest Man

The slick-back

Any "just out of bed" look doesn't go well with a suit, so if you have a bit of length but no idea what to do with it … the answer is simple! Slick it back! 

From a day in the office to date night with bae to drinks with mates – there's nothing that a slick-back can't compliment. It's the ultimate low-maintenance hairstyle.

Image Source: bosshunting.com.au

Lastly, if you have little hair or like the freedom of having a shaved look, bald is still sexy! 

Keeping your hairstyle up to date is just as important as keeping your wardrobe on point. Even the best fit in the world isn't going to be good enough to distract from bad hair. 

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