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Blonde Ambition

25 May 2022
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For all our blonde bombshells out there - we get it! Sometimes being blonde is overwhelming and feels like a lot of work. This is because blonde hair is more fragile and delicate. It needs extra protection from heat, harsh products, and environmental factors that can cause brassiness and damage.




DON’T PANIC! We can confirm that looking after your blonde locks is easier than you think. It's all about choosing the right products to help make your blonde life a little brighter … so you can get back to having more fun!

Perfect Violet Bundle
Get ready to discover your new favourite formula!
The purple pigments in our Perfect Violet super-duo banish brassy tones to keep your hair looking bright and fresh. It's kind of like a colour pick-me-up for your blonde - oh, and it works on all shades, from platinum to dark blonde.  

Stylist tip!
If you have super brassy hair, apply Perfect Violet Shampoo to your DRY hair before jumping in the shower. This increases the effectiveness of the purple pigment.

Silver Styling Mousse
Not only does it smell DELICIOUS, but it will instantly KICK those unwanted brassy tones + leave your hair exceptionally smooth, bouncy and super soft. 

It’s like magic!

The OG Smooth & Groom Wearable Treatment
It’s a best seller for a reason! And if you haven’t tried it, you are MISSING OUT!
Not to be mistaken for a luxurious hand cream, Smooth & Groom is an absolute hair miracle that will leave your locks luscious after every use!

Light-coloured hair is also more sensitive to sun exposure because it lacks the protective pigments found in darker colours. So, when you are out in the sun for more extended periods, cover your head with a scarf or hat (Winter FASHUN!) to protect your hair against harmful UV rays.

The JUSTICE Professional range is exclusive to Just Cuts and has something for everyone, so whatever your hair type or need, we’ve got you covered.
Go on, what are you waiting for? Have more FUN with JUSTICE Professional™ today!

Made by Just Cuts, JUST for you. We promise you won’t look back.

Shop JUSTICE Professional at your local Just Cuts Salon. 



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